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Online Reputation Management, Montel Williams and Why it all Counts

Apr 152014

undefinedA quick search for Montel Williams will land you with some payday loan ads and information about his acting career. Add the word scam to your search and the results will be peppered with hyperboyle about Montel's evil plot to destroy the proletariat. Online reputation management is challenging even for Montel. You might ask yourself: 


Who is taking care of Montel's Online Reputation Management ?

If you were born to a middle class suburban family with a television in anytime in the last decade in the United States of America you are most likely familiar with Montel Williams. Most recently Montel may have shown up in your mailbox (email or snail) offering a Payday loan. Although Montel did his time helping families tackle difficult issues alongside the likes of Sally Jessie Raphael and Oprah Winfrey, ten years from now folks will probably remember his Payday loans. Part of this negative reputation comes from a backlash for the seedy nature of a loan that has more than 300% average interest. Next in line for responsibility are the various Google adwords campaigns for the term Montel Williams.

The decisions you do or do not make will impact the search results for your name. Think about the minimal amount of effort Montel would have to put into a url together with his name and hundreds of testimonials about the difference he has made in people's lives. You wont find any of that in the first few pages of search results. Instead search results have been passed over to the money masters.

Who Really Control's Online Reputation Management ?

 Google of course. Was there ever any doubt? You can pay millions for ads and get beat by a .50 cent higher bid. It is ludicrous and fowl. We all follow the rules and most smaller companies lose. The truth lies in your competency. Keep yourself abreast of trends and do not fall prey to quick money making schemes. 

Montel Williams is a sham. This is only because he allowed for good work to be replaced with bad press.

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