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Web Development and Administration

Simple Nginx Rewrite Rules

Jun 162014

undefinedNginx is fast becoming the choice http server. In short it is faster and more secure than many of the other choices such as Apache. Creating rewrite rules for Nginx is an important part of any content strategy and it is not always as straight forward as Apache. This brief tutorial will demonstrate the basic setup for a rewrite rule.

Keys to Building an Effective Ecommerce Navigation System

May 162014

undefinedWhether your menu is vertical, horizontal, has images, has dropdowns, has many or few items you want it to give your customers immediate access to purchase your goods. There are so many options and sometimes you might find yourself with a massive menu system that does not convert users to buyers.  There are two key elements that can aide you in making your choices : knowing your market, the user’s experience.

Hello I started a blog

Apr 052014

I started a blog in order to share some of my knowledge with the community. I will be posting my thoughts on website and graphic design. I will share technical DevOps information as well as system and database administration tips. You can also look forward to reading SEO tips and ORM suggestions. I love what I do.


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